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Madeleine Stowe

The Actress Madeleine Stowe
Full name: Madeleine Mora Stowe

August 18, 1958 (age 51) Los Angeles, California, U.S.


Years active:

Brian Benben (1982–present) 2 children

Biography one of the famous celebrities Madeleine Stowe grow up in Eagle Rock, a popular neighborhood of Los Angeles. On age ten she in development working for a career as a performance pianist and trained every day for hours. Though, when her instructor died in 1976 she additional or less quit playing. She goes to University of Southern California and deliberate cinema and journalism earlier than taking up acting at Beverly Hills' Solaris Theater. She completes a few appearances in TV and on film but her get through came in 1987 with Stakeout (1987). Additional major credits include The Last of the Mohicans (1992) and Short Cuts (1993).
Awards and Nominations
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA
(Nominated: 1, Year: 2000 Won: 0, Year :-)

Golden Globes, USA
(Nominated: 0, Year:- Won: 1, Year :1994)
Special Award
Best Ensemble Cast
for: Short Cuts (1993)
Shared with:
Andie MacDowell
Bruce Davison
Jack Lemmon
Zane Cassidy
Julianne Moore
Matthew Modine
Anne Archer
Fred Ward
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Chris Penn
Joseph C. Hopkins
Josette Maccario
Lili Taylor
Robert Downey Jr.
Tim Robbins
Cassie Friel
Dustin Friel
Austin Friel
Lily Tomlin
Tom Waits
Frances McDormand
Peter Gallagher
Jarrett Lennon
Annie Ross
Lori Singer
Lyle Lovett
Buck Henry
Huey Lewis
Danny Darst
Margery Bond
Robert DoQui
Darnell Williams
Michael Beach
Andi Chapman
Deborah Falconer
Susie Cusack
Charles Rocket
Jane Alden more Awards
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