Friday, June 25, 2010

Elizabeth Fry - Reformer

The Elizabeth Fry
The former Elizabeth and Joseph Fry were married in 1799, migrating to be alive in London, where Elizabeth gave birth to 8 children between 1800 and 1812. They were members of the Society of Friends (Quakers), and Elizabeth became a priest. In 1831 a family companion visited Newgate prison and was so shocked by what he saw that Elizabeth decided to go there for herself. She found 300 women and children packed into four rooms without humid clothing. They had nothing to do, and hardened criminals were mixed with those waiting for trial.Elizabeth began to go there regularly, taking in clothes and setting up a school, Chapel and proper supervision. The women were given sewing to do, and heard the Bible read to them. Together with other Quakers, The world celebrities are more but a real celebrity Elizabeth Fry set up the 'Association for the Improvement of Female prisoners in Newgate'.

The Elizabeth Fry died from a fondle in Ramsgate, England, on 12 October 1845. The Elizabeth Fry remains were covered in the Friends' entombment ground at Barking. Awaiting this juncture, the Seamen of the Ramsgate shoreline Guard flew their flag at half mast in high opinion of Mrs. Fry; a carry out reserved officially for the death of a ruling sovereign. More than a thousand people stood in silence during the burial.
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